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Consciousness Exploration and Binaural Beats

There is no one step in becoming conscious. We evolve as we go. First step in developing more awareness and leading a more purposeful life would be to reflect and identify our values. We can then use those values as a driving force in how we behave and what choices we make. This will likely make us drawn to work that has substance and makes a positive impact on the world in some way. Becoming more conscious will help improve our physical health, as we start to make wiser choices in that arena and take better care of our body, for a better quality of life. Practicing mindfulness, becoming more aware of our thoughts, our patterns, and recognizing our connection to everything there is, is all part of the evolution. This new way of being will influence how we relate to others. In exploring mindfulness practices, I came across Amara Honeck and her Consciousness Exploration Gatherings, where the group works with binaural beats. I loved her energy and saw that she had collected an incredible body of work in consciousness studies. Working with binaural beats is new to me. They seem to address multiple issues, including lowering blood pressure and anxiety, as well as aiding in raising consciousness, depending on the frequency used. So, make sure you are listening to the one you need.

The more Amara shared about her consciousness work, the more excited I became.

Sylvia: Amara, as an outreach trainer and Monroe Community leader, can you share a little about the audio exercises you introduce to the group for exploration every month?

Amara: The audio tracks in each month’s Consciousness Exploration Gathering (CEG) contain specific “binaural beat” frequencies. Binaural beats are a fascinating phenomenon. One sound is played in the left ear and heard as a single tone. A second sound is played in the right ear and also heard as a single tone. The two hemispheres of the brain then act in unison to “hear” a third tone – the difference between the two tones. This is not an actual sound but an electrical signal that can only be perceived by both brain hemispheres working together. The result is a focused, whole-brained state known as hemispheric synchronization or “Hemi-Sync” -- an optimal condition for improving human performance. (See first video here--and then images 01 and 02 below).

The binaural beats I use in the CEG were created by Robert Monroe (founder of Hemi-Sync and the Monroe Institute) and his research team. His decades of testing and observation led to remarkable findings about human consciousness including the proven concept that specific sound frequencies can be blended and sequenced to gently lead the brain into various states of consciousness ranging from deep relaxation to expanded states of awareness and other “extraordinary” levels. A portfolio of different binaural beats was created from his research. Each month I present a different piece of this ever-expanding portfolio.

Sylvia: The Conscious Media Movement encourages filmmakers to use the power of film to help raise mass consciousness, during this crucial time for humanity. Doing this could help heal our planet. But in order to create stories that would have this type of impact, the filmmakers need to have raised their own consciousness, at least somewhat. Many filmmakers wouldn’t know where to start. Do you have any advice there?

Amara: Consciousness can mean different things to people. We have the basic definition which, in short, is an awareness of ourselves and our environment. Then we move into the different levels of consciousness ranging from sleep to expanded awareness. These states can occur naturally or be induced by internal or external methods. One type of internal method is removing distractions and sitting in meditation. However, for many, achieving this type of internal consciousness shift can be difficult to maintain for a length of time. Quieting the monkey mind can take years of practice.

Another internal method for raising and maintaining higher consciousness is by creating a strong intention and combining it with an external method -- audio binaural beats. The combination of these two internal and external methods can create a profoundly higher level of awareness. For filmmakers interested in raising their own consciousness, this might mean holding a specific intention statement in the expanded consciousness state that would help them best explore and understand a situation they want to film and possibly discover ideas about how to present the situation for maximum desired impact. For those interested in this type of consciousness shift, I encourage starting with a demo Hemi-Sync binaural beat audio. This one here walks the listener through the process, gives an opportunity to notice the binaural beats shift happening, and allows time to stay within a level of consciousness we call “mind awake, body asleep.” Filmmakers should try the demo a few times, pushing a little farther each time to explore their own expanded awareness and what might be possible for them within the realm of this consciousness level. Filmmakers might also consider attending the free monthly Conscious Exploration Gathering. Each CEG features a new theme, different frequencies, and a great opportunity to explore expanding their consciousness state. They can also check out the Hemi-Sync’s audio library.

Sylvia: How would your free online Consciousness Exploration Gatherings through the Monroe institute benefit a filmmaker desiring to raise their awareness?

Amara: The monthly CEG gives filmmakers an opportunity to listen to different audios each month, learn how the technology affects them, and feel what it is like to experience expanded consciousness states. What can they discover in this space? What questions can they ask? What problems can they solve? What creative direction can they learn? What fabulous ideas come from spending time in expanded consciousness? This can all be discovered in the consciousness state created by hemispheric synchronization. In addition, I’m there to help guide, answer questions, and give ideas to help if they’re having difficulty achieving the consciousness state they desire or understanding the information being received.

Sylvia: In closing, what one thing would you like to see filmmakers showing more in their stories?

Amara: I would like to see filmmakers focus on the kindness of others. We know these people are out there – the ones who step forward when needed, who offer kindness without being prompted, who step up to do what is right when no one is watching and expect nothing in return. Having these stories captured on film creates a video legacy of the amazing compassion humans are capable of and helps drastically counteract the focus on negative aspects of humanity we see often highlighted in our mainstream media. When these types of videos go viral, it helps not only raise our own level of consciousness but creates a mass raising in the collective human consciousness. When we see someone offering kindness, I believe subconsciously it is held in our memory. Then, where there is an opportunity, our memory prompts and reminds us of who we really are on a soul level – a kind, compassionate, helpful being brought into this world to make it a better place which helps us to step into action and do the right thing -- not because we are expected to, but because it is part of our innate gifts.

Sylvia: That is an incredibly wise observation and suggestion, Amara. I couldn't agree with you more regarding the power of showing that in film.


Amara is a teacher with the Monroe Institute and Foundation for Shamanic Studies sharing concepts, theories, techniques, and tools for consciousness and shamanic exploration. She is the author of “Creative Meditation and Manifestation: Using Your 21 Innate Powers to Create Your Life,” upcoming book release “Dark Night of the Soul: Using Ancestral Practices to Heal from Loss, Sorrow, and Grief,” and regularly blogs and shares on Facebook about consciousness and spirituality concepts. Visit Amara’s web site.

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