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Holy Spirit Rising: The Vital Return of Our Divine Mother for the Healing of Our Planet

May is a big month. A project I have been working on for nearly 4 years will have come to fruition and be released into the world. I was relieved to read a quote shared by Rob Brezsny from author Betty Bender, where she was to have said that anything she felt was ultimately worth her while initially scared the living daylights out of her, and that Georgia O’Keefe also dared to constantly push past her comfort zones. That helps with the mixed emotions of joy and anxiety I currently feel as I introduce my labor of love to the world.

My labor of love is a book titled, Holy Spirit Rising: The Vital Return of Our Divine Mother for the Healing of Our Planet, which will be released on May 7th, in time for Mother's Day! The undertaking of this book was inspired by a series of life-changing spiritual events that took place for me several years ago. I was made aware that God is both male and female. How life-changing to learn that we have a Divine Mother! Why were we never told about her? How I longed to know more. In researching, I discovered that the Holy Spirit was originally known to be our Mother. Father God has a wife. The Trinity is a reflection of our human family! During Biblical translations and redactions, our Mother God was made male.  I spent many years meticulously researching, trying to get to the truth.

Who would not feel devastated by the loss of their earthly mother? The loss of our loving Divine Mother has had catastrophic consequences. With her gone, everything associated with the feminine somehow became “less than”—women, nature (which was always associated with her), emotions deemed feminine, and so much more. This has been detrimental to both men and women, since, to be healthy we all need some of the opposite gender’s qualities, as seen in the yin and yang symbol where the black side contains a spot of the white and the white side contains some of the black. Men have suffered in many ways because of the diminishing of the feminine, including not being allowed to show their sensitivity and feelings, but women and girls have gotten the worst brunt of it.

We are now witnessing the effect on humanity and the planet that the removal of our Divine Mother and much of the compassionate feminine principle has had. Men and women lost the true partnership of equals meant for them. With Mother Holy Spirit's erasure, we have forgotten that we live in an intelligent and ensouled universe. The world has also become grossly out of balance. When one principle becomes too dominant without the other to keep it in check, its lower qualities tend to surface. Furthermore, we are no longer aware enough of the consciousness and sacredness of all life.

There is a shadow of foreboding over the planet right now. With climate change, the state of the economy, and political unrest, there is little cause for hope for the younger generations. Yet, this is an exciting time to be alive if we move forward with courage, despite the mixed emotions of joy and fear, described at the beginning of this post. This is a time of choice—instead of the anticipated end of time, if we become conscious enough, we could bring about unprecedented healing and evolution for humanity! For this to happen, nothing is more vital than our Great Mother's Return!

Sylvia Binsfeld is an independent filmmaker and the founder of the Conscious Media Movement, where she invites filmmakers of all genres to uplift society and help with the healing of the planet through the power of story. Holy Spirit Rising: The Vital Return of Our Divine Mother for the Healing of Our Planet is available on Amazon on May 7th, 2024!


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