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A delightful, award-winning, consciousness raising,  32-page, picture book & visual lullaby DVD set for children.

Coming May 7th, 2024
Holy Spirit Rising: The Vital Return of Our Divine Mother for the Healing of Our Planet

At the beginning, humanity had a Divine Mother and Father God had a wife. We were made in their image. Scholars have uncovered evidence that long ago scribes altered the gender of our Mother Holy Spirit through redactions to the Bible entirely changing our perception of God, each other, and the world. With our Divine Mother's erasure, everything associated with the feminine became somehow less than, including women, qualities such as heart-centered wisdom, as well as nature itself, which was always associated with her--and the world lost its healthy yin and yang balance.


 Holy Spirit Rising explores how these redactions happened, how it has impacted humanity and our planet for thousands of years. We now stand at a pivotal time in history with our planet facing great challenges. How can we bring the compassionate feminine principles back in balance with the masculine? For a wiser more conscious, loving humanity and the healing of our planet, nothing is more vital than our Divine Mother's return.

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