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Who Framed Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene

ABOUT THE FILM: “Who Framed Mary Magdalene?” is a mixed genre documentary film. It opens with a humorous skit and then segues to the expert interviews, hosted by KC Baker. The story focuses on the degradation of Mary Magdalene’s reputation in order to keep women from positions of power. This is a universal film for all people no matter their religion of walk of life, with a focus on equality and human rights.

MAKING OF: This nearly zero budget, 27-minute, film was created to be shared for free on the internet. We were passionate about exposing what was done to Mary Magdalene's story, making her one of the most misrepresented people in history, what was lost in the process, and the healing that needs to take place.

Watch the film here: Who Framed Mary Magdalene?


Sylvia Binsfeld

The multiple award-winning Dorme takes us on a magical journey into the inner world of dreams - that mystical place we go to play when we sleep at night. The film celebrates the imagination of childhood and wisdom of our consciousness; an artistic feast for the eyes.


The story, which is told without words, starts as a young boy is lulled to sleep by a captivating melody. We follow along as he starts his dreamy adventure. He is looking for something and has an important task to perform before the night is done. Enchanting symbolism abounds throughout his playful quest, until he’s accomplished what he set out to do and the stars lead him back home.


 "Dorme is a beautiful, poetic journey into the nighttime innocence of young   dreams." 


--Dee Wallace, Actress E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Film DVD comes as a set in the back of the award-winning picture book, Dorme: A Magical Dreamland Visit

Upon a Starry Night

Upon a Starry Night film

The Chi Project

We are seeking funding for our next spiritual, narrative film, Upon a Starry Night ...a family, holiday  film for all ages, directed by award-winning director, Sylvia Binsfeld.


Upon a Starry Night is deeper than just its delightful, fantastical story. We want to create this special film filled with its magical realism, in order to share the beauty of our spirits, creating a corridor to something beyond this physical world.


Two kids go on a magical flight to the Christmas town their mother had been reading to them about, where they learn the meaning of universal love, peace and connection.  Visually stunning, Upon a Starry Night will be a joyful celebration of diversity instilling feelings of unity, love, wonder and possibility.


We are looking for investors or donors who align with our principles and purpose. Special effects have come light years since Dorme was made about 11 years ago. Imagine the fun we'll have! 


For more information or if you are interested in donating or investing in the film,

please contact us at:

More Info: Upon a Starry Night

Future project: The Chi Project (More than a documentary)

A future documentary and project meant to spread a lot of healing chi!


Everything is energy. Everything is part of the whole. Qigong is a powerful practice for self-healing. We can take it even further though, since everything is energy and everything is connected, whatever we put out into the world, whatever good or harm

we do to people or nature affects us since we are part of this whole. So it makes sense if we start healing ourselves we also start healing the world.



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