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After the Election: Recognizing Our Common Thread

By S. Binsfeld

I started writing this before the elections were final, but now it has become clear that we will have a new president. No matter what the outcome, this blog was going to address something we have been hearing plenty about, but now need to move forward to heal. This country has become divided to the detriment of all involved. When this is all over, for the sake of each of us, our families, our children, we need to start the repair work no matter who we voted for. To make the United States great again, we need to unite the states again, the way our name implies. This is not merely a political statement, but a humanitarian and a spiritual one as well.

As Democrat or Republican...and I have friends on both sides...our life experiences, who we surround ourselves with, who we listen to can greatly affect our lens of perception. We can’t always tell when it’s been distorted. This would be the time to stop and take a deep breath. We can all recognize that most people really want the same things...happiness, love, health, respect, understanding, the opportunity to make a good or great living, to be able to take care of their selves and their loved ones...and be given the opportunity to grow as a person. It’s what we ourselves want and need as humans, so we can appreciate it that the next person is of course going to want the same. It’s also common knowledge that when citizens live cooperatively in harmony and compassion, helping each other out when needed...that civilization becomes healthier, happier and stronger. Each individual benefits.

As a matter of fact, if a person were to want to do harm and instead of work for the people...if a person were to want to control society for their own benefit...there is the saying that what they need to do is “divide and conquer”. The idea being if you divide people up who used to primarily get along, you weaken that society and can much more easily take advantage of them. Anyone who spews hate is not really anyone’s friend, even if they loudly claim to be. They are calculatingly moving us away from our higher selves, playing on our fears. They are moving us away from each other at our expense, no matter what we are being promised. Divide and conquer is the strategy for someone who has ill intent in the long run. Divide and conquer makes it easy to control and takeover people...hence the word “conquer” at the end. Everyone is being played.

The division of this country has harmed all of us. But on the good side, it has given us a wake-up call. It took things getting this bad to realize that change is indeed needed! That’s what people are understandably asking for. But not all change is good. The need for change put us in the position to be taken advantage of. It’s hard to accept that and also sometimes hard to see, because there were so many lies going around people were misled. But now at least it has become abundantly clear that we can no longer let things go on the way they have been in this country. The wage gap, the inequality on many levels, the blind harm to our environment and the list goes on. We want change, but we want positive change!

So now is the time to take that deep breath and regroup...together! Yes, people will have differences. But as said, we truly aren’t as different as we were being directed to believe. We have far more in common and that’s what we need to be looking at now, our common humanity. We don’t need to agree on all of the details. The world is varied, we are all varied and that’s what creates so much beauty. There isn’t just one kind of butterfly, animal or plant...there’s a whole variety. There are no two snowflakes, no two pebbles and no two people alike. We all have our individual fingerprints, and that’s something to celebrate, because that means that we all have our individual, varied gifts to contribute to humanity as well.

With all that diversity, what I have observed though is that there is a common thread that runs through all of us, no matter the color of our skin or our religion. Because with all the physical differences we have, we are in fact not our bodies. What we can likely agree on is that we are all spirit beings having a human experience and we don’t think about this enough, because we are so caught-up in the physicality of our existence. If we gave that more thought so much would shift. We didn’t incarnate haphazardly just to have a little fun because the world is all just an illusion the way some people like to purport it to be. This is real and what’s at stake is real on a soul level. We are all here with a deep purpose. We have lost touch with much of that. We can and most certainly should still have fun, but we can do that while also recognizing our responsibility to each other, the planet and to God....and if you are an atheist, then to the universe...whatever you want to call it. Because God, the universal energy... connects us all as One...whatever you do to one you do to yourself and the whole...and anyone preaching differently has been pushed off track of the original truth and message. This is not just in Christianity, but most all religions share that common thread of soul wisdom. We are all connected, and love is the greatest. When that deep knowing becomes distorted, that’s when we come into trouble. Without a caring for the planet and each other the world will indeed become a dangerous, dark and unhealthy place for our children, for ourselves, and we will eventually create our own extinction. Instead we need to tap into the varied points of perception to solve the world's problems.

Our existence is a blessing. We are here to learn, to become more conscious, compassionate, loving and wise and we are in this together. Once we genuinely realize that...the way we treat each other will change so much that the economic, race, gender issues can be healed. We would all be in a better position to grow and reach our full potential. This feeling of connection, honoring and respect will cause us to flourish and that will flow over into respect for the planet and the beautiful sentient beings on it. Rather than counting on people at the top to trickle good things down to us, we the people need to get into local and state government and/or involved in causes. The transformation is going to need to come primarily from the ground level up. We need to get into positions of authority ourselves or work with groups and causes initiating positive change. We need to collaborate and take action personally so we can finally start affecting the decisions being made at the top...while already having gotten the ball rolling with what will heal our society and our planet. There's no time to lose.


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