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As Filmmakers and authors, bringing in the changes that will help heal the planet and get humanity on a better path, the first thing we need to do is raise our own awareness. The extra bonus becoming conscious will be rewarding on so many levels in ways we can't even imagine for our own lives. We all have gifts in different departments, I want to encourage you to research, brainstorm and figure out what you have to bring to the table. Also, how can you share the information people need to know in your regular stories or in stories specifically designed to raise awareness? In the processes of sharing this knowledge you can also share the consequences of the ignorant decisions we are making or share the solution by showing conscious actions. You don't always need to make it apparent that you are making a point, it can just be a secondary action taken, such as the example with a character bringing their own mug to the coffee shop.


Below are a couple documentaries and books to get the ball rolling with raising our own consciousness. There are many others. They can be used as wonderful resources for getting ideas for the seeds of understanding you can plant  into your narrative fiction films. Though the films below are documentaries, the idea is to spread awareness by integrating it into all genres therefore reaching the masses in time to create real change.


Recommended Films

Who Framed Mary Magdalene?  View the 27-minute "mixed-genre", documentary for free:


The 11th Hour Documentary:

Inner World Outer World

Saving Kelli with Qigong (I did this zero budget, point & shoot video, but it  talks about energy (chi) in one woman's healing journey around dementia. When we each individually heal ourselves, emotionally, physically, spiritually,  we heal the planet collectively.


Recommended Books

Soul Power by Anne Barring & Scilla Elworthy (Don't let it's small size fool you. There is so much life-changing wisdom in this little package.)


The Dream of the Cosmos by Anne Barring (My favorite book of all time. It took 20 years to write and is a book no one should miss out on reading. It will change your life, and in the process heal the world.) Paperback & Kindle Version  


Living Deeply by Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., Cassandra Virten, Ph.D.Tina Anorok, Psy.D.

For someone beginning on the spiritual path. This is a wonderful place to start, with this just general information and suggestions.


Recommended Articles

The Witness (Though I believe we are the pivotal generation that will turn things around just before it becomes too late, this article is one great is now or never.)


Geena Davis Calls for More Women in Film: Creating the healthy balance of yin and yang the world needs by allowing women and girls the same rights and opportunities to get their voices hear.



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