As mentioned on the filmmaker page, we are at a pivotal point in history. What we decide to do now will result in either a mass raising of consciousness and the healing of the planet, or the path to extinction for humankind. It's that simple. We can be depressed about or become empowered an create massive positive changes now, as we are at the now or never stage. Our dilemma is both environmental and spiritual...we need to reconnect more fully to the universal web of life and act accordingly.


This movement is a call to action. Some of us as filmmakers and media makers are stepping up to the plate to produce films in ALL genres that are entertaining, healing and consciousness raising. What we watch and take in day in and day out affects us. This is even more so for children. Be discerning and seek out healthy media that raises awareness, or at least doesn't diminish it. Some of these films can only be found at your art house theaters. They are well worth your time to find.


Remember, money talks. Don't support and watch films or TV shows that are destructive. I know that can feel like quite the challenge, as so many are. Seek out good films. They are often more obscure independent films not made by the big studios...or grab a good book instead.


Become pro-active: If there are TV shows where you don't like the way people are treating each other, speak out and write to the studio, especially on the kid's shows. Limit TV time and get outside to connect with nature...nothing is more invigorating and emotionally balancing. Educate yourself. Find out what you can do even beyond recycling to help the planet and grow spiritually.  It's important to become informed and the most important information you are not likely to find on mainstream, corporate media.


For birthdays and holidays, give gifts of books or films that raise awareness or other gifts that help the environment in some way, such as a decorative travel mug or reusable lunch boxes...or a tree for the garden. Create a ripple effect! Become part of the positive shift that needs to happen!


More info & resources coming soon!