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Sylvia Binsfeld

Mission Statement:

The Conscious Media Movement is a non-profit cause. My mission is to encourage filmmakers and writers  of ALL genres, to use the power of story and the media to collectively help heal our planet and humanity, by using the media to uplift society and raise our consciousness and values. To activate new awareness in others, however, we first need to become more conscious ourselves.


CMM is gearing up to provide workshops and programs, including workshops that teach practices that elevate awareness, specifically designed for filmmakers and artists of all kinds. Meanwhile, we have a couple free,  videos to start the conversation, posted under "teachings" in our menu.


About the Conscious Media Movement: I was moved to take action and create a global Conscious Media Movement after a series of unexpected spiritual experiences, which felt like calls to action. For a while I was unsure what to do with that. I’ve worked in the independent film business for a while and have always been concerned about the destructiveness and unconsciousness in films and the television shows we watch. What we watch every day has such power over us as individuals and us as a society. It is amazing how destructive, numbing and ignorance spreading so much of the content is. This is keeping us from stepping into a more conscious way of existing. It is keeping us from becoming the higher expressions of ourselves. It is keeping us from experiencing true happiness.


The idea to start a Conscious Media Movement really solidified after reading Paul Kingsnorth's article, "The Witness". After decades of fighting to save the environment, he has stopped and believes it’s too late to halt the accelerated destruction we have caused…we will be the first species to cause our own extinction. The top scientists in the world back his observations and have been speaking out for years.


I agree with so much of what he says, still, I'm not ready to give-up on us this fast yet. I realize that the earth is ever changing and nothing stays the same, but this accelerated destruction is our doing. Anyone who has kids, plans on having kids or has any conscience in regards to what's going to happen to the next generations needs to stand-up and give it their all. I'm grateful for the sincere wake-up call in Kingsnorth's article...he's been aware and speaking up way longer than the rest of us. The fact is, we are standing inches from the point of no return and most people aren't noticing. Either people will continue doing what they are doing until the consequence are so radical and severe, the deaths so many, that they will then want to back-pedal like crazy, when it's already too late...or we need to respond immediately and it needs to be global. Who has the capacity to generate such a worldwide wake-up call and mass rise in consciousness at this critical point? We...the media makers! We the filmmakers, the artists, the authors...and the audience members can participate by being more selective with what they watch and consume media wise. Much positive inner transformation can happen on a diet of conscious media, which can/needs to be just as entertaining as any other media.


The planet is going through radical changes and some are starting to realize that if we want to keep this planet we are living on sustainable longer, we need to rethink what we have been doing. As media-makers of all kinds, the time is ripe for us to start creating more conscious media...meaning media coming from a higher vibrational place, documentary filmmakers and many non-fiction authors are already doing that...wonderful...but they are reaching a limited audience...those people willing to hear the message. It's time for filmmakers who produce narrative fiction films and other media to step up to the plate, in order to help raise our consciousness in all we do.


Audience members can help sway what type of programs, films, get funded and made by what they watch, and what they refuse to watch and spend their money on...and in doing this greatly improve their own life. Because the problem is not just environmental, we additionally have created a spiritual disconnect from nature, from each other, and from what is beyond this physical world. Until every human being is treated as an equal, regardless of race or gender...until we recognize that we are all part of the whole, we won't be able to heal. You will start noticing, that far too often the worst character traits are glorified in films. This needs to be fixed. There is an eye-opening quote by philosopher, social activist, Simone Weil, "Imaginary evil is romantic and varied; real evil is gloomy, monotonous, barren, boring. Imaginary good is boring; real good is always new, marvelous, intoxicating.” This is how we need to show it. Story can help change/heal behavior, and so much more.


We need to be reminded that we are one with all that exists in the universal web. We also need to lead by example both through story and by working through the challenges of making our productions as green as possible. I’ll be sharing information and asking media makers to become part of the positive shift in awareness that needs to take place for us to help make the changes that must happen for planetary, societal healing to take place, and in the process we will be increasing our own quality of life in ways we never even imagined.

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