Helping People to Connect Again

I just came across an article online posted by National Geographic that makes it strikingly clear that we need to be showing people connecting with nature in a positive way more often in our stories, which will encourage the audience to do the same. If getting out in nature to connect with it and ground themselves, is the thing characters in a film are doing when they need to regenerate, stay balanced, get perspective on a problem, heal, etc. a light bulb will go on for people watching. It is too easy to become addicted to our electronic devices. It would be a powerfully good thing we are doing. The article talks about nature deficit disorder creating depression, a feeling of disconnect and lack of joy. I know that this is something very real because getting out into nature recharges my batteries and lifts my spirits like nothing else. So few people take the time to do this. Nature used to be everywhere...a part of life, now in this concrete jungle it's easy to avoid it, and we don't even realize that is what's missing. Depression has become a common thing. Especially for children relating with nature is so important for healthy development. Take a moment to read this interesting article, then get outside!

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