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Media Talk With Llyn Roberts

Llyn Roberts

I had the pleasure of interviewing Llyn Roberts who is a well-known teacher of healing and shamanism. She is also an award-winning author.

Sylvia: "What do you feel would be vital for some of us conscious filmmakers to completely change the perception around or at the very least plant seeds of awareness regarding in our films?"

Llyn: "I’d love to see mainstream filmmakers integrate a folksy appreciation for, and attention to nature into the ordinary values and vocabulary of its scripts for characters. Being ‘green’, doing recycling, and engaging in environmental issues is great – yet, let’s also show people being awed by nature’s beauty, how its living spirit impacts them. Science has proven that spending time in nature has healing benefits for people. It’s time we recognize nature not as only a ‘resource’, but as part of us. Films could depict characters going outside to look at the stars, or speaking with trees, to feel more balanced and connected; they could make the message explicit that nature is sentient and has restorative power. Such intimate connection encourages us to see and treat nature differently – and to protect our environment. Reality television popularizes extremes such as ‘surviving’ in the wild, dramatizing nature’s dangers for entertainment, and emphasizing how people must dominate or overcome nature. With the exception of explicit nature-based films, most movie and television production focuses on people who view themselves as separate from nature. There are many ways filmmakers could shift this paradigm of separateness, and show how beneficial and easy it is to reclaim oneness with the natural world. As we face real-life environmental crises and weather extremes, our media should encourage people to care for, and reconnect with our natural world."

Llyn Roberts, MA, award-winning author of Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness and co-author with Sandra Ingerman of Speaking with Nature

Sylvia: "This makes tremendouse sense in light of what's going on Llyn. You are talking about an important shift in perception. Thank you so much."

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